Eliska Lam – Founder / Creative Director / Coffee addict

I am a sucker for beautiful things and a perfectionist/obsessive compulsive at heart. I love the thrill of creating a movie of your story in my head from a simple inspiration about you and seeing it come to life right before my eyes. My obsession with details, textures and colours started Ruffles & Bells in 2010 and the obsession just grows every year. I am always on the find of that 'perfect' element that is exactly how I imagined it to be.

Styling is more than a passion to me, it is part of who I am. I style to celebrate, to create memories to let the world know how beautiful life can be and of course, to tell your story.

Let my imagination be my gift to you.

On The Day

You've done the heavy lifting. Everything is set and ready to go. You just need some help to make sure everything looks good on the day. Someone to put all your visions together so you can sit back and enjoy your wedding day. A stylist to make sure your vision comes to life and make sure all the candles are lit. We've got you covered.


We love finding the right fit for you. We're a team of dreamers that lives to tell your story and bring it all to life through every detail.


You want a stylish and modern wedding that still feels like you. You can picture it in your head, but you just don't know how to get there. Enter Ruffles & Bells, your perfect partner to ensure your wedding looks and feels just as you imagined. And guess what? We can even get you some cool industry discounts.

Want to know more? Drop us an email here , we'd love to hear from you!

Rave Reviews

We love you and we absolutely love that you love us too!
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